Toast for tea

As a first true blog post, I feel it would be appropriate to explain the who title/URL…

This goes back a good few months now, whilst me and my friends were discussing food (something we do A LOT…as well as eat it). I mentioned that my husband and I sometimes have toast for tea when we can’t be bothered to make a proper meal. This was met with general ‘Whaaaaat?!’ reactions…how could we? But it’s so unhealthy! This got me thinking that maybe I am, in fact, a bit odd and not quite like the rest of the world (probably true in many respects). So when it came to thinking of a blog title/reason to even enter the blogging world, this seemed like a go-to option..its actually the name I gave to my first two attempts (see previous post), so here’s to this one sticking!

I recognise that I have a photo of a pancake, not toast…this is the only food picture that I had, plus YUMMY pancakes from my hen do, so I hope any viewers will go and make pancakes with homemade toffee sauceΒ right now…GO!


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