Mud on my boots!

When I was little, we went for a walk in the woods next to my grandparents house. I can only have been 2 or 3, and it was very muddy, so my little wellies were quickly covered in clumpy mud. As my Grandpa held my hand as we crossed a small stream, we have a home video of me telling him, “I’ve got mud um um um on my boots um um um um!”. Throughout my life, I’d say that I’ve had a healthy relationship with mud (when in the right shoes obviously…). As a teenager, I did cross country and would run right through the muddy bogs rather than skirt round, and would often finish a race with mud-soaked feet and mud-splattered legs. I love the Persil advert…”Dirt is good”…dirt IS good, even if it messes up the washing basket.

This brings me to my run the other day. After all the rain we’ve been having, it was MUDDY. And I LOVE running in the mud. I love the mud part, but not always the running part. I took my running buddy (the dog), which was a welcome distraction (and reason to pause every now and again to put on or take off the lead), but those hills still set my chest on fire. It was a beautiful day amongst all the rainy ones, so the blue and sunny skies were very much appreciated. I got my old fell running shoes out for some grip in the mud, and they were awesome! Good old Walsh. These will be well worn again (I hope!) over the next few weeks!

muddy shoes muddy shoes


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