Early mornings


Yes, that is 7am. An almost unseen hour for the average student. Whilst most of my fellow 9am-ers will still be snuggled under the duvet, I’m already en route. I LOVE that it’s nearly light that early now, although I did enjoy the Christmas lights in the trees in December…still, it feels much better to leave in near daylight and make it back before sunset.

We’re getting good at early mornings. My husband’s been on placement for a month now, so that’s one month of both of us getting up before 7 nearly every day. Nothing special for normal people, but we’re students, so well used to tri-weekly (is that even a word?) lie ins, too much free time to waste, and napping in the middle of the day if we felt like it.

I’ve been doing 6am starts for 18 months now, as I commute to Leeds for uni, but it is so much nicer not getting up by myself. I’m probably just as tired as before, but now someone else is tired with me šŸ™‚ I’m not sure my early morning companion sees it that way, but he gets packed lunches now that I’m more awake in the mornings!


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