Keep on running

Today was a running day…I was exhausted on my way home from uni so had a cheeky nap on the train…I’m 95% sure I may have had my mouth open and been snoring slightly, but can’t fault a power nap. It’s only Monday though, so I’m unsure how this week will pan out…

Anyway, as I said, today was a running day. I hadn’t been since Wednesday, which normally wouldn’t bother me (apart from a moment of ‘argh I should run more…oh hello chocolate biscuit’), but as the BIG RUN is only 6 weeks away, I was determined (ish). It seems that getting out before I’ve had chance to sit down after getting home is the way forwards, as this left me with no time to change my mind. My personal trainer aka Hubby suggested a route, and off I went.

I left just after 530, and it was LIGHT! Well, maybe more like dusk, but light enough to run across a park and not be concerned, which is amazing! I’ve even seen a few snowdrops poking their heads out of the ground. Roll on Spring…

No running buddy today, but I met the cutest little spaniel puppy (twice!), and many other dogs, and as said running buddy is scared of anything or anyone he doesn’t know, maybe it was for the best that he stayed at home today.

The run was followed by pizza for tea…justified? Probably not, but tasty? YES.






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