Foodbar Freebies

Every so often on my commuting travels, promoters of things are at the station. Costco, Paintballing, Nescafé, Belvita…and sometimes, this means free stuff – yey! The other week I got a free packet of Belvita biscuits, which were quite yummy if I may say so myself, although my friends did not agree…I was slightly put off as well when I saw about 5 E-numbers in there (which are bad for you…maybe?), and also I do not believe the advert – I am one hungry human, and need feeding every 2 hours, 3 if I’m busy, so 4 biscuits keeping me going for 4 hours? Je ne suis PAS d’accord, sorry Belvita.

Yesterday, however, it was East Coast trains promoting their new in-train menu. I have never taken an East Coast train, but the lovely lady gave me an exciting bag of goodies…




…inside was even more exciting. I wasn’t even hungry, but I couldn’t very well leave the poor packet of crisps…or the Drifter bar…thankfully I have a husband at home who enjoys coke and kitkats so I didn’t eat those, but tasty burgers 🙂 thank you to you East Coast and if I ever take your trains, I will check out the menu (then eat my packed lunch ‘cos I’m tight).





Here’s a crazy crisp that I found in my packet of Corkers…it’s like the potato curled up for a nap in a bath of boiling hot oil.




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