To do lists and a messy desk

Friday is my day off…which isn’t really a day off, it’s a ‘study day’. However, we’re past 4pm, and no studying has yet been done…hmm. That’s not to say the day hasn’t been productive (mega-ish house tidy, FINALLY hoovered everywhere 3 weeks late, bike ride to find a lost glove and lunch/walk with mum), but just not as I’d maybe anticipated. Still, I should take my own advice and not dwell on what hasn’t been done, rather focus on what can be done now.

This brings me to my love of to do lists. Mine tend to be quite long…

IMG_7467 IMG_7468


…and the non-uni related things always seem to get done first :p but it’s never a bad idea to get everything in one place that needs to be done. The first term of this year was a nightmare with me forgetting bits of work left right and centre, but we’re doing better so far, and being 5 weeks in it’s a good sign! Hopefully, a Sunday post will show all things being ticked off 🙂

Whilst completing my to do lists, I sit at my ‘desk’, i.e. the dining/living room table…which we never eat at cos it’s covered in my final year mess..



Busy busy! Lots to do…not much of it fun, but only 3 months to go!! Cannot believe it…life awaits.


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