A cloudy bike ride

So apparently, cross training is helpful when being a sports person…so this means not only running, but doing something else AS WELL. Whaaaat?! Thankfully I kind of love cycling, so I got myself out on Friday morning. I also needed to find a glove that I’d lost on a walk last week, so the two went together nicely. Friday was quite a cloudy day…also a cold day. Speeding down hills with fingerless gloves on if it’s a cold day = feeling like my fingers are going to drop off. Lesson learnt: wear finger-full gloves as well. This photo doesn’t quite capture the chilly-ness!


Nevertheless, it felt good to be back on my bike. I made it up a few nasty hills (can’t live in Sheffield and avoid hills on a bike!), and realllly felt it the next day, but it was good fun.

The mist was pretty awesome looking across/down the valley. Even if it wasn’t bright blue skies with clear views, it’s still beautiful scenery. I love skies and clouds…and sunsets and sunrises…and you can’t beat a bit of Yorkshire countryside. Me and my friends went for a walk on a BEAUTIFUL day last week (when I lost my glove), and some really awesome vistas (never used that word before, expanding my vocab) across the moors. We love the Peaks 🙂



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