Out and about

I’ve started carrying my camera around with me (still no smartphone – I’m a rare breed) to capture things in life, varying from a pretty flower to an incredible sunrise to a fruit tower (I asked my husband to unpack the shopping…). So here’s a few photos of things




I know I keep banging on about it, but spring is HERE! These were the first snowdrops I spied out on a run with the pup (he wasn’t impressed I stopped, as there was a labrador following us..he doesn’t like dogs), and the first spring flowers. I love flowers. They just make the world a more beautiful place to be.




IMG_7475   IMG_7476


These were my babysitting companions the other week. I’ve never had cats, so it’s always fun to enjoy them for an evening. The tabby’s my favourite – he’s quite stocky, and big for a cat, but he’s so lovely. He’s also not the top cat, so the other one bosses him around and chases him off if he’s on your lap…so I sneak him onto the sofa when the other one’s not looking :p I know cats are too clever for all that, but still. The games at the top were shown to me by the boys. Solitaire made more fun by having little lions (we made it down to 2!), but that rubix cube was impossible. I can’t even do the normal one, let alone one with about 12 faces.




We’re on a healthy streak in our house. Hubby has joined a gym, and they gave him nutritional advice, so it’s all fruit and nuts (although I still have my cheeky crisps). This is the fruit tower…now demolished and nearly all gone (we love fruit), but it makes me smile that he turned a seemingly menial task into something more fun. Gotta love boys.




Getting the train a lot means that you notice little things that would otherwise escape your notice, such as stamping tickets. On crosscountry trains, it’s ink numbers with a little hole, but northern rail is a bit more exciting – some of the conductors have shapes! I’ve had a boot, a crescent moon, and other exciting ones that I can’t remember, but twice this week, I had the same lady who has a heart shaped clippy thing – so cute! Makes an dozey me smile first thing in the morning.



I hate frogs. Maybe hate is a little strong, but I am unnaturally freaked out by these little hoppers. My dad was over for a day, and we spotted this one in the middle of the pavement looking a little lost…”Errmm…this isn’t my pond….”



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