A frosty morning run

Despite all the lovely, warm sunny days we’ve had recently (I say all, there’s been maybe 2), there is still morning frost on the ground, and last Monday I was out on a run (I left before 8am and before breakfast – practically unheard of for me to leave the house without food, not sure this will become a habit..) on a beautiful frosty morning. No running buddy again (he ran 10km with me last week though – what at star), but it was so awesome!


What a clear day! This is the view across the valley, and what a view…


The paths were even a bit slippy, so I stuck to the grass where I could. Falling on my bum would not be a great way to start the day…


Muddy path, clear blue skies, beautiful hills…it’s worth putting breakfast off for an hour!


I love the frosty field still in the shade…just need a bit of mist and it’d be all Pride and Prejudice-esque!

IMG_7499 IMG_7500


Getting creative with my frosty shots 🙂 I love doing these shots from the ground, and the patterns on the cars were pretty amazing…I wanted to get more, but people were leaving for work and scraping their cars, and I always feel a bit funny taking pictures of other peoples things…saw a Maserati today (expensive and flashy sports car for all you non-car people – I used to be one, then I married my hubby…it’s like a whole new education), but didn’t want to snap a photo in case they thought I would be trying to steal it!

So, there’s some lovely pictures of a lovely run. In terms of the actual running I think it was ok…4.4km according to mapmyrun, and my chest was probably burning from the cold and from the hills, but clearly can’t have been too painful, as all I can remember now is the stunning scenery – not sure I’ll be able to say the same when running the half marathon course!



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