I love skies. Clear blue ones, where you just look all around and there’s nothing but blue; cloudy ones, where you get like angry, grey-blue clouds, or fluffy white marshmallow ones, or both together (a bit like today – seriously, was cardigan weather, then looked in my wing mirror and saw the clouds…10 mins later downpour/hail, now clear blue..cheeky sky); then of course sunrises and sunsets. I think that my ideal holiday would be one there’d be beauuutiful places to watch the sun rise and set, then away from city lights so you can see the stars. Makes me remember how small we are and how big God is, and how incredibly amazing this universe that He created is. Sadly I have no idea how to use a camera to get cool star shots, but I do have some lovely sunrises from the last few weeks.

IMG_7469 IMG_7472


Ok, this was actually a sunset :p I was en route to babysitting, and even though I was running late, I just HAD to pull over and take a picture of this. Ahhhh I love the sky!



This was a sunrise…taken from the top of the bus, hence the random strips of light. It was all pale and calm, before the sun actually came up properly.

IMG_7507 IMG_7508


Wow. Just wow. I actually opened the window (causing the blinds to fall down) and stuck my arm out to get the first picture, just look at those clouds! Then I was walking along to the bus stop, and so amazing..I would’ve stopped in the middle of the road, where you could see the ball of the sun, but you know, cars aren’t all that patient at 630am..

IMG_7511 IMG_7514


…this was about 20 minutes later on the same morning, it’s like a new sky. As you walk down from town to the station, you can see the sun peaking up above the other side of the valley..I just love how quickly it all changes, but then if you catch a picture of the same sunrise or sunset as someone else, but taken in a different place, it’s like ‘I saw that one too!’. It’s the simple things in life 🙂

That’s me done for sunrises and sunsets, but my love for skies knows no limits…



Miserable and grey it may be, but it’s all misty and Jane Eyre-esque…a shot like this on the moors would be as bleak as anything, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

And then to finish, I used to LOVE it when I caught a sky like this when I was younger (still do)…



Sun streaming through the clouds, like a natural spotlight 🙂 so next time you’re getting stressed and busy with life on the ground, look up and enjoy the sky!


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