When someone says ‘Teatime!’, what comes to mind? For me, it’s always meant evening meal time…I’ve always thought this was a northern thing, so hopefully I’ll always call it this, even if we move down south at some point πŸ™‚

This year, I’ve discovered that I like cooking. Since I went to Uni, I’ve always cooked, but I think I lived on risotto, spag bol and macaroni cheese in first year, then risotto and macaroni cheese in second year (I was in Morocco, I don’t think I ever bought myself any meat – no offence Morocco..I did eat it though obviously, hello chicken tagine for Β£2), then BOOM I got married and started cooking for two! We ventured out to homemade pizzas (the man can make a good pizza base), I tried a few new things but never stuck to them, made some soups…also started baking brownies (almost foolproof Jamie Oliver recipe – AMAZING). That was third year, and now here we are in final year. I’d like to have a good repertoire of meals that I can fall back on before having kids (still a LONG way off, so plenty of time to practice!), or even just in a mad week, so this year has been more adventurous. I still go to my old faves, but mix them up a bit. Also, Jamie’s 15 minute meals are pretty incredible, as long as you allow at least half an hour – sorry Jamie, it takes me about 10 mins just to chop my veg! A favourite in our house is BBQ pork with cajun rice. Even our nephews wolfed it down (albeit slowly for the 3 year old) – thumbs up in my book.

One new thing for us this year (well this month) has been fish. Now I have NEVER eaten fish. As a child, I was incredibly annoyingly fussy, only ate weetabix and crisps for a while, and although that obviously changed, I still had a very limited amount of foods that I’d eat. Fish being an absolute no-no. In my late teens (yes, it took that long), I tried more things, especially once I went to Morocco. By more things, I mean that I ate broccoli, tried grapes, made things with tomato sauce…I even eat tomatoes now. Seriously, I was that bad. But back to fish.

So, after 22 years of eating no fish ever…no fish pie, fish fingers, tuna mayo (still won’t touch that), all that fishy stuff, I tried prawns in France at a very posh wedding. And they were ok. Fast forward 6 months, I had the fish of fish ‘n’ chips – AMAZING. Then a few weeks ago, a friend made fish pie – also AMAZING. Then last week, the real shocker: I cooked fish. My parents are so proud.

We made fishcakes, so still taking it easy, but still had to cook the salmon itself (in milk which was odd, but so quick!). Here are the results…


Now, if you ignore the whole deep frying thing (in oil in a pan – yes, set the smoke alarm off, maybs not the wisest idea), it’s a pretty healthy one. Next, we went for the real deal, so no hiding fish in potato and deep fried goodness. Breaded cod fillets cooked in the oven, with parsley sauce…


…YUM. So there we go, we will now eat fish twice a week for omega 3 and all the good stuff like that…I have a whole lifetime to catch up on πŸ™‚


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