My lovely Le Creuset



[Did not realise I could change the size of the photo – woo!]

Following on from ‘We heart cooking’, it’s now ‘I heart my cooking things’. We got this dish as a wedding present, and it’s one of the big ones, so you could feed about 8 people from it…which I sometimes make enough for, my portion calculating is terrible! I made beef tikka masala tonight in this lovely pot (coconut milk, where have you been all my life?!), and it feels so homely coming out of here rather than a saucepan. My mum always puts things in nice serving dishes, and I never quite understood why, but when you have one of these bad boys on the table, it’s like, ‘Ohh now I see’. Obviously this is more than a serving thing, and when you’ve cooked in it it often has splatter all over it…it feels like the Lurpak advert, you know with the song that goes ‘chop chop chop chop chopppiinng…dice dice dice dice diccciinnng…we’re cooking up a rainbow todaaayyy..’? (Woo hyperlink! Turns out I did listen in those IT lessons..).



Risotto in the pot

Another of my cooking things that I really like but want to use more is the slow cooker. This was a Christmas present from the year before last, and I’ve only used it two or three times, but it’s SO great. Make food in the morning, switch it on, then 8 hours later – voilΓ ! This takes a bit more organisation (not my forte), but always worth it. I did casserole the other week, and the beef was just perfect…not chewy or dry, just tender and falling apart….YUM. Watch this space for more slow cooker meals πŸ™‚

IMG_7552Β IMG_7553

Casserole in the slow cooker

Finally – tongs (not thongs, T.O.N.G.S). Oh my word, tongs are FAB. I could write my dissertation on tongs. I would argue that they are essential because they’re great. If you don’t have these in the kitchen, get some! Not only good for turning sausages (although they are awesome for turning sausages), you can make sure all the diced meat gets cooked in the pan, they’re great for meatballs, deep frying fishcakes…you will not ceased to be amazed by their versatile-ness. It may seem OTT, but seriously, tongs.


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