What half marathon?

What half marathon indeed…

I remember my excitable visions of this blog being a journey of my training for the race (I say race…I was never planning on actually racing anything or anyone…finish and not be swept up by the you’re-going-too-slow bus was my only goal), tracking every triumphant outing where I ran for an hour with no breaks and felt just amazed at what my body could achieve and how I couldn’t wait to get out again…haha how I laugh at 3-months-ago me and her naivety.

So, I did love getting out for runs. I felt less guilty about eating cake and felt less lazy, and I do enjoy running, especially when your chest is on fire and you feel like you could throw up. Weird? Yes. However, none of this mushy stuff. Running is like marmite: you love it or you hate it. End of.

But the whole make a blog of my training? Well that clearly never happened. Then, of course, 3 weeks before the marathon, my knee started playing up. I was always the one to get injured when I did running at school. Not just twist your ankle, graze your knee type thing, but physio, don’t run for 6 months, do these exercises and use this ultrasound machine type injuries. So I got me down to my physio, and lo and behold, that time I twisted my ankle badly before Christmas and still had swelling 3 months later was actually an issue. Also probably launched myself into training a little too quickly, and overused my ITB (not sure what it stands for, it’s your thigh somewhere). Joyous. Long story short, I got athletics tape and exercises, and was told I could run but it would hurt.

And hurt it did. The first 7-8 miles of the race were great. I powered on, felt like ‘ooh I actually might run this in like 1 hr 40 ish’…then from the 8 mile mark to the 10 = muscle heaviness, then as that subsided, my knee became agonising to put weight on. The last 3 miles were awful, I ran very slowly whilst limping, and it actually felt like my knee was breaking (I don’t think that can even actually happen, but here were stabbing pains and general agony).

But, praise the Lord, I finished! And I want to do another one. Need to sort this knee out (exercises? Oh yes, those…), but we heart running, yey!


(My t-shirt from the marathon…The only reason anyone does one, right?!)


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