First day…

…at school! I was all set with my packed lunch and my backpack, a keen bean all ready to go. I wasn’t a complete bag of nerves, but I can’t deny there were a good amount of butterflies. My first real job. Ahhh! A day of introductions, meeting new people, and learning kids names (pre-emptively – they don’t start til Wednesday). I tend to be pretty good with names, but I feel it might be easy to mix up Kaelen, Keegan, Kameran, Kayden, Cobey, Cody and Callum. And the two Alfies. And Chloe-Rose and Casey-Rose. Not forgetting Alex and Alexi. Oh help.


I am super excited for them all to roll in though, probably crying and/or bouncing off the walls (and possibly having a few accidents along the way..!). All I can remember about my own reception experience was playing in the water and the sand troughs, as well as making Olympic medals (held in Atlanta, the Great Google tells me – makes me think of this video). Who knows what these 60 kids will remember of their year in reception (or FS2…oh yes I’m down with the lingo), but I hope I can help make it a place where they know they are loved, valued, and an important person in the world. Sounds a bit OTT maybe, but I love it πŸ™‚


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