And then there were 30…

Despite starting work on Monday, the kids only arrived today. I was just getting used to ‘ooh isn’t this nice?’, then BAM! Hello children. Thirty 4 year olds entered the classroom in the space of 10 minutes (with at least one adult each, sometimes three!). About half of them are small, blond-ish boys with names that are all very similar, then a quarter are small, blond-ish girls who won’t tell you their name. The rest are a bit easier to pick out from a line up. My fellow TA and I were sorting through photos to put on the display and really struggling to remember which child was which! Well, it is only day 1!


It was a bit manic, but seemed fairly under control and there were no dramas. We didn’t lose anyone and no-one went to A&E…success. They even left at lunchtime (ease them in – although one mum didn’t seem to think that was necessary!), so we had the afternoon to recover. I started my first display! Exciting. I was planning on taking a photo, but we’ve now included photos of the kids, so that would breach all sorts of child protection laws. I used a staple gun for the first time – terrifying. Sounds like you’re shooting someone. I also became acquainted with the laminator and the industrial paper shredder. What more is there to achieve in life?


My lesson of the day: finish all assigned tasks before trying to use your initiative. And don’t lose things. Oh, and use your brain. I had been told to laminate a few things, but I failed miserably when I didn’t cut out the signs before laminating, then lost a co-workers photo, then wasted 20 minutes (?!) trying to reprint some kids’ names that had been misspelt, only to give up and hurriedly try to do the final task I had ACTUALLY been asked to do. Oh and I forgot to laminate for the other teacher. There was a great reason behind it, but since my initiative-taking failed, it looks like I simply didn’t do it. Dear me. Still, we live and learn. And if we’re honest, there’s more to life than laminating πŸ™‚


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