So…that week happened. After a busy weekend of stressful motorway driving (caused only by me being unable to allow my poor husband to make his own decisions when driving), a wedding, and lots of small talk, it’s hard to believe that my first week at work really happened. I’m kind of excited to be back tomorrow. Let’s see if I feel the same tomorrow at 9am when the kids tumble through the door!

So far (I originally typed ‘thus far’ – oh how spiffing), I have learnt that the real world is TIRING and sleep is essential. As is a decent lunch. I feel that tomorrow’s pitta breads will not get me through the day and many snacks will be needed. I hardly sit down at all at work (except for lunchtime obvs)…even sitting down time involves concentrating on whichever child happens to be there…or stopping them climbing over walls. However, the feeling at 10pm when you want to drop into bed is a good one. Very rarely have I felt as though I earned my tiredness, but now I do. As a sleep-lover, this is great as I fall asleep straight away. Long may it continue.


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