Something fishy…

Fish leaves behind a interesting after-smell that’s for sure. It’s part of the reason I avoided the fish counter when I was little – I hated the smell of it. We had cod yesterday, and even though cooked it smelled great, it was the stinky fish smell that hung around (sad face).

Still, an ok meal was made! I actually took some photos on the proper camera (my hubby had a motorbike and wanted a DSLR – I said sell the motorbike to buy one…he did), so it looks cool! We have a special lens…some sort of super zoom one..not quite macro lens, but it gets much closer than a normal one and it focuses in the middle (see picture below…)


Here I managed to focus on one hob rather than any of the food!

Still, it made the food look pretty so I thought I’d do a recipe post. So, onwards and upwards.

Paprika baked fish with chorizo, lemon, and thyme

This is from my all-time favourite Lorraine Pascale ‘Home cooking made easy’ book. I love her – each recipe has a little intro bit which makes it feel so personal. Also, her recipes make sense to me – someone with no natural flair for cooking! We had cod in the freezer, so I thought I’d give this one a whirl.


This is also a super easy one to do. Chop the chorizo, fry it with the thyme (it said fresh in the book – I used dried) – no oil, apparently chorizo is oily all by itself (well done chorizo).


Put the fish in an ovenproof dish, paprika it up. I went a bit all out on the paprika and you could really taste it..a bit too much for my liking – should’ve listened to Lorraine when she said a couple of pinches! Then grate lemon zest over it and drizzle with oil.


Sprinkle tomatoes around with some garlic cloves (although not sure what the point of these were unless you’d just eat them whole once cooked? We didn’t – I’m not brave enough for that). Then put some chorizo mix on top and pop it in the (pre-heated) oven for 10 mins.


All good to go!

Take it out and add the rest of chorizo mix and lemon zest. I wasn’t 100% sure why this was necessary..and I forgot to add my lemon zest second time round. After another 5 mins in the oven, we were good to go.



And there you go. All yummy 🙂 it wasn’t bad…we’ve decided we don’t like cod much (I only like it proper fish ‘n’ chip style – mmm greasy goodness) and a little paprika goes a long way when there’s no other sauce for it get lost in!

I’ve done a meal plan for this week, so let’s hope I stick to it for once! Tomorrow is BBQ chicken, Saturday is homemade burgers. So when I say a meal plan for the week…I made it on Tuesday before we had sweet potato chips and poached egg for tea, and I only did 3 days. Also, I planned AFTER going shopping. Think I’ve still got a bit further to go organisation-wise…


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