Dairy Free Diary



It always starts well in the morning…



…then my lovely friends make a mousse cake (cream cheese and cream)…

Cheese, milk and chocolate. Three staples of my diet, I think. Milk every morning with my cereal since I was on solids I think. Cheese…if not on a sandwich, grated on top of whatever we’re having for tea. Chocolate far too often in a week. Maybe I’ve had a dairy overload in my life and my body just said, “ENOUGH! I’ll give you red rashes on the most visible parts of your body until you STOP FEEDING ME DAIRY!”.

Ok, so I don’t know that dairy is causing my eczema. But it is BAD. Like bright red, sore, starting to weep slightly, dry. Only steroid cream would work but who wants to put that on every day? I’d like some skin left when I’m old, thank you. So after 3 months of fluctuating rashes on my arms, eyes and chin, then 2 months of constant rashes in the same places (and spreading), I decided I had to try something. I got me some Aveeno (best moisturiser ever), some antihistamine, and some almond milk. Dairy free, here I come!

Or so I thought. I changed my milk and stopped having cheese, but my ambitions stopped there. We went away for a weekend to a family party and there was yummy cheese, lots of chocolate….and the friends we were staying with only had cereal for brekkie. No breakfast vs. breakfast. Only one clear winner, right? So Monday was the Day of New Beginnings. Almond milk in the morning (which is not nice by the way…I’ve learnt to use less than normal milk and sprinkle sugar on!), ham and houmus pitta…it was going so well. I can’t remember where I fell down, but over the course of the week I had cake (super duper frosted cake), chocolate biscuits, more cake, strawberry mousse cake…argh my downfall. I managed to steer clear of milk and cheese though. Didn’t manage a full day though…

So THIS Monday (today) is Day of New Beginnings #2. And so far, we’ve made it! We even went out for tea at Zizzi tonight and I stuck to my dairy-free guns, even though pizza is my all-time favourite meal. Maybe a holiday in Italy will be off the cards! I was amazed (and impressed) that they had a chocolatey dairy free dessert – how, I have no idea. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate? Well it was GOOD. Chocolatey sauce in the middle, chocolate pudding-y sponge. YUM.

Here’s hoping that week two goes better!


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