Postcards from Switzerland


I’ve seen this idea in a few other blogs, so thought I’d put some photos up from our recent holiday en Suisse. Now, we’re not super rich peeps with a holiday home over there or anything…my great-grandparents built a little chalet above a teeny little village in the valley in the 1930s, and my uncle keeps it beautiful.


There it is! I’ve been going there since I was a little baby, spending a week or two there in the summer. I loved taking my hubby to enjoy it as well. We had a great time, doing some walks, visiting some new places, enjoying an afternoon by a lake…all in all a great time. Le husband had chance to practice his photography skills – most of these were taken by him. So, enjoy!




Those last two are the village that the chalet’s near. It’s a pretty steep hill but the fresh croissants and pain au chocolat are worth it!


Kitty cats. There was some kind of exhibition in a village we went to visit where children from local primary schools had created about 80-100 mini exhibitions around the village. It was cute in places, and a little weird in others.



This is pretty cool – it’s a beehive! The only one like it in the world (?).


I’ve become something of a car geek since getting married, so even I was excited about this!Β 





Can you spot it?

So many photos. I’ll save the rest for another day. Next installments: the first big walk (where the dog makes an appearance), Reichenbach falls and Meiringen, and a day by the lake. Bring back the summer holidays!


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