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A loving Daddy

Have you ever come across an advert that is just awesome? Like the M&S advert at the moment. Or one that makes you put your hand on your heart and go, ‘Aww!’? I had the ‘aww’ moment today. It’s a 30 second advert but so cute!

I just love it. I hope that if I’m ever a parent, I make the effort to do little things like that for them πŸ™‚


Getting in touch with your creative side

I’m generally not all that creative. I’m pretty pants at thinking of fun and inventive ideas for games and crafts, I stick to a recipe when cooking and my homemade cards most definitely are not works of art. I can doodle lovely little flowers, but only after years of practice in my school books. I loved writing stories when I was little and would love to hone in on some creative writing skills, but I feel that my imagination would let me down. My creative juices don’t flow so much as drip gently.

And yet here I am with a new creative hobby…knitting!

Learning to knit always seemed a bit out there for me. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to do it, and how could I ever make anything that looked vaguely nice? Or was even useful, not just tiny strips of a few rows before I gave up? Unsurprisingly, when I enthusiastically joined the knitting society in my first year at uni, I stopped going after the first few weeks…partly because it was a half hour walk back to the meeting from my cosy student flat, but mostly because I stopped knitting after about a week. As I’ve said before, no self-discipline.

So when my friend taught me (again) at the end of August, I was full of ‘yey I’ll knit forever and make things for my nephews and nieces and be able to make cardies and booties if we have children’…alas it wasn’t to be at that point. There was some fruit of my labour though…


Just a simple (what I now know is called) garter stitch, or normal knitting stitch every time. I got better as I went along, getting neater and more square, less rhombus. Then, you know, real life started and, yet again, it petered out (I genuinely had to google how to spell ‘peter’…).

Fast forward 6 weeks, we’re in half term. A trip to my Dads, and Mr suggested I take my knitting with me, which I duly did. Enter my Nana, knitter extraordinaire. Me and my sister spent a couple of hours at her house one evening, and out came the knitting needles. She has an awesome collection in this lovely needle holder, so she gave me and my sister a set each and off we went. Over the next day or two, I gathered quite a haul…




My Aunties old knitting bag

…and I have no idea why (perhaps having knitting gurus around and discovering tutorials on YouTube), but it seems to have stuck! It’s still early days (we’re less than a week in), but I’ve tried different combinations of stitching to make little pieces here and there just to practice. It’s so exciting! Yes, I am a knitting lover now. Here’s a few of the little bits I’ve done so far…



How sweet is that wool? It just looks like a newborn baby should be snuggled up with this. It’s so cute! This stitch is different to the one I’d done before…you knit a row (needle through the back) then purl a row (needle through the front). We had a few issues with adding stitches, but that was easily rectified, and thankfully I didn’t drop any stitches.

I found this ladyΒ on YouTube who talks you through different stitches you can do, so I’ve tried/am trying a few of her things…


Handy little tip to neaten the edges



I love this one – and it’s so simple! That’s what I love I think, that knitting actually isn’t complicated, at least not at this stage! I’m sure I’ll be eating my words if/when I venture onto patterns, but the basics of it are easy to grasp. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs something productive to do with their time!

So that post was longer than I was meaning it to be, but let’s hope that I can add more snippets of my progress. It’s still early days, but there will hopefully be a new baby in our family (not me! My sister-in-law) around April, so I’m sure there’ll be a few projects I can work towards. Yey!

Meal Planning Monday

Here we are again πŸ™‚ last week changed, as always, but we kept on track and didn’t waste any food. Once I realised that we were having meat 4 TIMES in one week, I decided to postpone the Mediterranean Pie thingymadoodle til this week and we had leftovers that night. Also, sausage and corn hash? Immense. I had it for lunch the next day, and again on Thurs as leftovers. And it didn’t get boring. We heart sausages.

I’m doing this weeks plan without my beloved recipe books, so it’ll be a bit ad hoc.



We’re at my Dads so no need to think about cooking πŸ™‚


I’m at my friends house for tea, I imagine hubby will get a takeaway, probably pizza.


We may be having peeps over, either way I think this will be Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie night!


Risotto – simple, probs just veg and maybe bacon (after a rice-free spell since my hubby had a bad experience in August, he’s letting me make it again – yey!). OOH I might add some mushrooms, I only started eating them a few weeks ago.


We’re visiting my brother-in-law and family, so I’ll bake some cakes/cookies to take πŸ™‚


Halloween night (?)!Β Jacket potatoes with trimmings (sob sob, no melted cheese for me).


Tea at church.

Et voila. P.s. it’s half term this week, so maybe I should push the boat out using the slow cooker? Hmm that only just occurred to me. Maybe I’ll overhaul everything and do something crazy. I’m pretty sure there’s a recipe for rabbit something or other in my recipe book…?

Head over to At Home With Mrs M for more ideas and links to other meal planners too πŸ™‚