Dairy Free Baking

And there I was, thinking that I’d be missing out on sugary, chocolatey treats! I googled ‘dairy free cookies’ (Sorry Lorraine – its no butter now!) and Jamie Oliver popped up. What a guy. This cookie recipeΒ was bouncing around my head for a few days, so when we remembered we were having friends over on Wednesday evening, it seemed like a good excuse to make them.

So, I don’t know if anyone has ever chopped nuts before? Pecans = easy peasy (plus who knew they tasted so yummy? Not this fussy eater), hazelnuts? Not so much. I genuinely spent 20 minutes chopping nuts.




Chop chop chop chop chopppping…second time I’ve referenced that advert on here…

Then we got onto the intriguing bit. Egg whites. Cos these cookies have no butter in them, the egg whites are the liquid-y bit. You whisk them up as if you were doing meringues but don’t add any sugar, then fold them into the dry ingredients and nut mixture. THIS is where it gets different. At first it’s like, ‘This is gonna be super dry’, but then it all starts to mix in and goes super shiny like this…


YUM. Then it’s oven time for these bad boys. First batch burnt on the bottom, but the second were fine – definitely made at least 20! And the verdict? They are SO good. The meringue texture works so well, and those hazelnuts? They were worth all that chopping time.

Overall, dairy free cookies are delicious and I want to eat about 3 a day. As long as I eat fruit too then it’s ok, right?!


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