Postcards from Switzerland #4

10562925_10154450972225262_4193662430266601428_nReichenbach falls. Any Sherlock Holmes fans (book fans, not sure how prominent it is in the Robert Downey Jr films…it’s a title in the BBC Benedict Cumberbatch one – who is, sans doute, best Sherlock Holmes ever!) will be like ‘Ooh!’. We spent a day in this area of Switzerland around the town of Meiringen (defs one for the book fans!), the town where Watson and Holmes stayed as they fled Moriarty, and Reichenball falls is where Holmes and Moriarty fought and fell. Obviously not in real life (there was a time when I was convinced Sherlock Holmes was real), but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spent time there so chose to situate the confrontation there (I’m sure there’s a more eloquent and highly significant reason for his choice, but this is a postcard post, not an info one. Get on with the photos now!).

10423981_10154450973485262_4988350795180421670_nMeiringen from the top (ish) of the falls


10600650_10154450975870262_8926274453063402863_nI love water. I could’ve watched the falls for ages…


Rainbow! “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” Genesis 9v13


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