Meal Planning Monday (on Tuesday..)


Woohoo a Linky! Hello to you if you’ve taken a peek coming from Mrs M’s blog – welcome 🙂 I’ve been trying to do more meal planning in the last year, and it generally fails. I did one at the weekend though – wahoo! Before we even went shopping, so we could buy the right ingredients – here’s to not wasting anything this week (on that note – any ideas what to do with some egg yolks? I used the whites in some cookies…).

Monday (yesterday – and we did it!)

Chilli bean tortillas (minus the beans, add in chickpeas and peppers)


I’m out, so the hubby will be having leftovers 🙂


It’s a quick turn around on Wednesdays, so Orange Crumb Salmon should be lovely and simple. Having said that I’ve never done it before, so we shall see!


Spicy Sausage Pasta/leftovers – depending on how we feel.


We’re out at a friends house for tea and taking pudding so think I’ll make a dairy free chocolatey pudding of some kind.


I’m out all day so le husband will be on evening meal duty…pasta and pesto anyone?!


Tea at church, so we’re sorted!

And there we have it. Let’s hope we make it through the week without too many serious deviations. It’s not a very exciting menu, maybe we’ll venture to the full on roast chicken next week…I could finally do those recipes that say ‘use your leftover roast’! I didn’t grow up in a Sunday roast-eating family, so I’d love to try and make one…maybe even on a Sunday 🙂 The chicken’s in the freezer ready – watch this space.


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