Meal Planning Monday

Well where did that week go?! Madness. It wasn’t the best week work-wise, but we made it through and today’s another day. As for meal plans, we were pretty on target last week. Woo! Also, Orange Crumb Salmon – amazing. I think it’s from mixing the breadcrumbs in oil. And the homemade parsley/orange mayo was AWESOME.


DSC_0033Yummy. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Yesterday, we chose some meals to make, made a list, and headed off to Aldi. So, here’s this week…

mpm-different-fonts.png-300x300Here we go!


Noodle Soup with Grilled Fish – we had this today, it was pretty yummy. Noodles, my new fave food.


Lamb Curry, courtesy of the man of the house.Β We made a detour to Tesco to get all the spices for the marinade – fenugreek seeds, anyone?! My mum’s joining us, so we’ll see how this goes.


Spicy Sausage Pasta. This didn’t make it onto the menu last week, so we’ll get it on this time round.


Leftovers – hopefully there’ll be some! If not, eggs and soldiers πŸ™‚


Jacket potatoes with a selection of sides…cheese, baked beans and egg mayo are the standard. Might try to spice up the beans…


Not sure yet…risotto/roasted veg with couscous.


Tea at church, job’s a good’un.

Here’s to this week working like the last one. Check out Mrs M’s blogΒ for some more links to more meal plans, probably more adventurous than mine!



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