Dairy Free PANCAKES!

YES you saw that right. When my friends suggested brunch, I was worried my options would be limited. Of course, I’d completely forgotten The Full English, but my mind was on croissants, yoghurt, and pancakes. So I googled dairy free pancakes (just replace the milk with a dairy free alternative, right?), and this recipeย came up. More ingredients that for your standard pancake, perhaps this is what an American pancake recipe would look like. It involved a trip to Tesco (sorry Aldi), during which I wandered round the aisles trying not to buy unnecessary food, and we were good to go.

It’s an easy peasy recipe to follow and my friend had a pancake pan (I really want to put one on my Christmas list…along with a garlic press – not that I’d have needed one of those for this particular recipe, course), so they cooked like a dream. Here was our spread…


How incredible?! We felt so domesticated – 5 years ago, we’d have bought croissants or maybe gone to the cafe nearby…I prefer it this way ๐Ÿ™‚

The pancakes were SO YUMMY. Fluffy, the blueberries were juicy, and with maple syrup they were an absolute joy. In fact, they were so delicious, I made them at home this evening! Here are some photos of the process.


All my ingredients lined up, ready to go



At this point the first time I made them, I’d used frozen blueberries and they seemed to turn the whole batter blue!


Look at them bubbling away



Mmm. I made loads and put them in fridge, so I’ll be taking them to work as part of my lunch. I need something to look forward to at the middle of the day! They are seriously good, hopefully I’ll make them on a weekly basis…looks like I need to start running again…


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