Meal Planning Monday


And another week is gone. Yet it feels as though October is passing very slowly. Only just halfway through?! Half term next week though – WOO. After a pretty awful week at work, I cannot wait for the holidays. It felt like one of those weeks where nothing drastically bad happens, but you feel pants and little things go just wrong enough to make you want to cry but you know it’s pointless. One ofΒ those weeks. Tomorrow is another day πŸ™‚

Meal planning-wise…I forgot that we were at a friends house one evening, and then we forgot to defrost the lamb on Tuesday, so we changed things around a bit with a chicken curry, then a lamb risotto type jobby that I’ve been wanting to try for a while the day after instead. For the most part though, food was used and enjoyed.

So, what great things can we expect this week? Well, a whole host (or 3) of new recipes! Simple stuff, but never tried before by moi. I went through my two favourite recipe books and post it-ed tried and tested recipes as well as ones I want to try, so this week I chose 3 of those.


Spag Bol using previously made bolognese from the freezer – ease ourselves into the week πŸ™‚


Sausage and Corn Hash


Lamb and Date Casserole – still need to find the dates, but I’m really looking forward to making this one.


Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie – so named because you use turkey mince and mix pesto in. We shall see how it goes!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

We’re staying at my dad’s for a few days, so no need to think about planning!

Et voila. Here’s to a yummy week πŸ™‚ head over to At Home With Mrs MΒ for links to more meal plans, undoubtedly more exciting that this one!


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