Love the little things #1

Another linky! I’d spotted it over on a few other blogs, so thought I’d give it a try. What a lovely idea to focus on the little things that you’ve enjoyed in the week 🙂


I’ve technically been reading this since January, but I reached the end of one mahussive book of the Bible this week, so it feels like a milestone! Jeremiah has 51 chapters…phew. I’ve really enjoyed the set up of each day: a passage from Psalms or Proverbs, a New Testament one and one from the Old Testament . It makes it more digestabljkn               [the cat just took over the keyboard there]…more digestable and varied. Here’s to keeping going til the end of the year!



“Everything is AWESOME!!”…does that say anything to anyone? The Lego Movie of course! I’d watched it when babysitting a few weeks ago and just HAD to share the awesomeness with my hubby. Needless to say, he loved it. A real hit chez nous 🙂


 All things Fat Face! I got muchos vouchers for my graduation from my parents, and boy have I thought hard about what to spend them on. I used most of them in summer to get some coral chinos (SO comfy and pretty), a pretty top and some pretty trainers. With the leftovers, I went for some beautiful jeans. I have worn them nearly everyday since then. In a way its a good thing I can’t wear jeans for work otherwise I’d wear them out! I’ve acquired a few tops over the years for birthdays and in the sales, so I can do pretty much a whole outfit. And I LOVE it. My fave shop by far. Now I just need to scout a few things for the Christmas list…



I’m torn for this one…on the one hand we have a lovely song from Juno…

…or we have the tune that we use in Numeracy to help the kids learn how to write their numbers…there’s no video for this, but imagine the tune for ‘Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou’ if you will, then add in different words for the numbers, e.g. ‘From the top go all the way round’ or ‘Go straight down and that is all’. SO CATCHY. I can tell you though, it works! Even if the writing comes out a bit skew-whiff at first, they all know the songs. As do we, as do we.


I was hoping I’d be able to write ‘something knitted’ here, alas not yet. I did make a lovely meal of sausagey goodness though. You just cannot beat the smell of sausages cooking. Yum.


And lastly…

 I get to spend a few days with this cutie! My little Bertie Bun, our first dog (who is technically mine). I cannot WAIT until we have a house where he can come and live with us. We just took him out and played ‘let’s-tempt-Bertie-with-a-stick-then-try-and-grab-it-off-him’ for a good 10 minutes. What a pup.


There we go, some of the little things I’ve loved this week. Let’s hope that there’s at least one knitted square next week, and maybe a new book as well. Happy weekend!


Head over to But why Mummy why for more people loving the little things 🙂


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