Love the Little Things #2

What a week to love things – we heart half term! It’s been a week full of things, including lots of sleeping…lots of sleeping. So what little things have we loved this week?


I had great intentions to start reading one of the many books on our overcrowded bookshelf, but the week passed me by without a book. I started a little gem about prayer though, which is short and concise, a challenging look at how we view prayer. If I’m honest, I think I’ll be sticking to this little stack of books for the time being…


When I read novel-type books, I have a tendency to get so caught up in it that I read for hours at a time. These books require concentration, so hopefully they’ll slow me down!


As always, too much! We were at my Dads for a few days and we watched some films, but I’ve enjoyed TV stuff this week. Some old faves like How I Met Your Mother (love love love), as well as the new 24 Hours in A&E (harrowing this week, but opens your eyes to the realities of life!), and also Gogglebox. I really love watching people watch TV…such a bizarre concept, but it works for me.


No work clothes – win. Also, some lovely, snuggly winter socks made their appearance this week. They were perfect, then yesterday was warm all of a sudden and they snuck back into the drawer…only to be out again today – gotta love British weather.



I feel like I had a really good one for this…OOH I did. I rediscovered an old favourite the other day…

Just put it on now, I love it! Me and my hubby were long distance (across seas) for a while, so it meant a lot then and still does now πŸ™‚


YEY lots (by my usual standards)! Check outΒ this postΒ forΒ my knitting endeavours, but I made COOOOOKIES yesterday. Awesome, dairy free, chewy goodness. I’ve made them before, but I got the oven time just right this time round…yum.

And lastly…

Ooh what to choose…the snails? Or Go Ape? Or spending a lovely couple of days with my gorgeous niece? The latter πŸ™‚ We played and made her giggle, also made her cry (awkward), played in the park and threw her in the air. Getting broody? Maybe a little.





2 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #2

  1. butwhymummywhy

    Such a lovely #littleloves thanks so much for joining in. That’s a great little stack of books, I really must get back into reading more. We love Gogglebox too. I tried explaining the concept to my inlaws at the weekend but they looked very puzzled and wondered why anyone would watch it!! Have a lovely week xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      Thank you! I’m really enjoying it, even only 2 weeks in…it’s nice to think of the good things in a week rather than letting it all pass you by. Gotta love a bit of random TV, fly on the wall things seem to work really well though πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy your week too getting back into normal routines after half term! Xx


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