Love the Little Things #4

Oh Friday, how we love thee. I love the kids in my class (most of the time), but it definitely felt good to say, ‘Bye!’ for a few days! Despite a(nother) meh kind of week, there are many a-little thing to love.


A lot about adoption. It’s something that we really really want to do later in life (would love to do it early, but many reasons to wait), but I’ve still been reading about it. Learning things like you need to have a bedroom for every child that you adopt…if we had our own kids, then adopted maybe a sibling group…would we ever have a house big enough?! Still, I really enjoy finding out about it and hoping for a time when we can actively pursue it πŸ™‚


A beautiful, urban sunset on my way home from work today. I left a bit later than usual, so I caught the last few moments of the sun above the horizon. As my early posts on this blog demonstrate, I LOVE skies. After a miserable, wet and cloudy day, it was so refreshing to see the blue again. I was bathed in golden light as I climbed the second hill, and it was awesome.






I love me a pretty sky


Work clothes…boy does it feel good to be back in jeans this evening! I did pop on some of my fave shoes the other evening though…we were just taking my Mum’s pup out for a walk, and somehow I thought they would be perfect for a chilly November evening…

2014-11-14 20.11.01


…yeah they weren’t. “It’s not raining”, but it is COLD and they have HOLES in. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer after a long day.


Hmm…mostly, small children whining at me/telling me their life story/telling me that their friend touched them. My patience is not as good as it was in September, praying the stores will be replenished. We’ve started learning songs for the Christmas show, here is one of them (sung a lot better than ours can manage right now!)…I YouTubed the songs and this is the only one I could find:

They’re all pretty catchy,Β and I think that maybe I secretly love them πŸ™‚



Please excuse the poor quality photo, but LOOK HOW LONG IT IS! It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever knitted, and I’m loving it πŸ™‚ I’m not sure I’ve got enough wool to do a whole scarf for a little one, but it’ll fit a teddy.

And lastly…

Fantastic line from my Mr this evening…”I’ve been needing the wee since just before we left [3 hours ago]” (Mr) “Why didn’t you go in Tesco?” (me) “I figured that if I was gonna unzip my flies, I wanted to put my PJs on” (Mr). Love him, in a big way.

Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of little things πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #4

  1. Mummy Hearts You

    I get the same feeling when I have crocheted something.. I am currently making a ripple blanket and overtime I see it, I am amazed its made by me! #littlelove


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