I got some post today. I’ve been waiting for it for a while, then had to pay a customs charge, and TODAY it arrived 🙂



Excited? Very. I knew what it was, but YEY still. I even got out the big camera for the occasion! Let me explain a little.

A few (?) months go (maybe more than that!), a friend was in China working in an orphanage. She shared a blog post from a lady who had adopted 8 children from China, whom I have since been following somewhat in awe. She is totally humble, full of love for her kids and people, and such an inspiration for me both in my faith and our potential journey towards adoption. It came up in July (Ok, definitely more than a few months ago that I discovered this lovely lady!) that the family were adopting again. I have been so excited to follow their journey and pray for their little girl, so when they did fundraising in the form of T-shirts, I jumped on the bandwagon, albeit a little slowly. And yet today, my beautiful ‘Found’ shirt has arrived…



It’s just a t-shirt, but what it is supporting is about so much more. And guess what else happened today? They finally met their little girl! What is more exciting than a child finding their forever home? Not much, I can tell you. So THAT is the real excitement of the day 🙂


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