Love the Little Things #5

What a week. Having said that, I’m starting to write this on Wednesday, so not much of the week has actually gone yet! Still, I feel worn out by it all. Work today was BUSY AS, we did mega incidentals (observing the kids doing what they’re doing and taking photos for a thingy online so that parents can then see what their kids have been up to) and assessments of them, so it was a busy hour after school…[insert how Thurs and Fri were – they were pants!].

Despite it all, there has been much to love this week πŸ™‚ apologies for more phone pictures, je suis un lazybones.


I’ve started reading this book, and it seems like it’ll be a really challenging one, so I’m really excited to get into it. I wish I could tell you more, but I’ve only read chapter 1…20141121_161550


About 15 mins of How To Train Your Dragon 2 (blu-ray – one of the perks of Xbox One) before going to bed at 930! Love it though, can’t wait to watch the rest. [Update: we watched the rest, SO GOOD. Dragon for Christmas? Yes please πŸ™‚



Ooh I got my gloves out again this week. After a false start in October, they are now an essential part of my everyday leaving-the-house kit. They’re only fingerless ones, but they keep my hands cosy.



I had a really good one for this…ahh what was it?! Genuinely can’t remember. I’ve had this song in my head since watching the Pitch Perfect 2 advert (so excited!!), so that’ll do for now πŸ™‚

Not the proper film version, but still a good’un. And here’s the trailer, enjoy!

Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks, hilars (oh dear, I’m turning into one those peeps that uses abbrevs. Help!).


Yummy chicken fajitas (definitely a meal for my permanent repertoire of go-to meals), and a photo book (no knitting this week)! It’s a Christmas pressie for my Nana, full of photos of me and my sisters (with respective men) doing whatever we’ve been doing in the last year. Nana’s about to jet off to New Zealand for her annual stay with my Auntie, so we thought it’d be a good idea to give her something that she can carry and show to all her friends over there. Plus, she’s 90 next year, so if her memory does start to go a bit funny, it’ll be a good prompt for her πŸ™‚

And lastly…

We were at a friend’s house on Monday and I was playing with their 8 month old little girl. She has the cutest Cow-and-Gate-advert laugh EVER. Such a cutie πŸ™‚

Happy weekending!

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7 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #5

  1. Helen

    I cannot wait for pitch perfect 2! I have had that song in my head since watching number 1 too! I have bought some new gloves this week too, it is far to cold now!

  2. mydaysni

    We had chicken fajitas tonight – great way to stay warm if you make them spicy! I am also a fan of fingerless gloves, yours look nice and cosy. Hope you are having a great weekend #littleloves

    1. Alice W Post author

      Such a yummy dish πŸ™‚ they are lovely and cosy, my sister found them at a market, the ones with fleece inside? An fab invention. Hope you’re having a good weekend too! Xx

  3. lifeatthelittlewood

    I write my little loves on a Thursday morning – I know what you mean, sometimes it feels like nothing has actually happened in the week yet! It’s definitely glove weather now, isn’t it? We have such a frost this morning, brrr! πŸ™‚ Have a lovely Sunday xxx


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