We heart recycling

We do indeed. It’s easy to get lazy with it, but I watched a show about a council somewhere (think it was during half term – day time TV!) in the UK, and the binmen were saying that if a bin is ‘contaminated’, like a paper bin full of non-paper things, then they have to scrap the WHOLE LOT of that bin lorry of recycling. Come on people, get your recycling on!

Anywho, enough of that side of things, onto recycling creatively. I’m not sure if this counts as recycling or upcycling, but here’s what I like to do with some of my old glass bottles…


A ketchup and a pesto vase? Lovely. Ideally, they’d be soaked to get the labels off, maybe painted nicely or decorated with some pretty lace, but my bouquet was dying and the surviving flowers needed recepticalsΒ receptacles (who knew it was spelt like that?!) urgently.



Lighting a bit awkward…a bit orange from the bulb in the room, so I put the flash on. A bit glare-y maybe? Does the job I spose πŸ™‚

Behold, my up/recycling skills don’t end with filling a receptacle with water and adding flowers. Observe this work of art.


Oh yes, my talents extend to Tippex writing. Which, by the way, is runny. So my ‘B’ of buttons has a tail, and the ‘s’ of beads is sagging somewhat. I think I’ll leave artistic-ness to my Mr.

Still, the flowers are pretty.



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