For the Love of Eggs

Having pondered what to eat this week with my meal plan, I wasn’t very enthused about eggs for tea. I take it all back.


I feel like a fried egg isn’t something that you can easily get wrong, but I often do! Either the yoke’s cooked through, or the white’s still a bit runny. Don’t get me started on my issues with soft boiled eggs – I’m yet to master making the perfect one. But today? These little babies were just perfect. It probably has something to do with the temperature of the pan when you put them in, but they cooked at a good rate, bubbled a bit and the yokes were runny! Wahoo! The Mr enjoyed them 🙂

I, on the other hand, decided to try out an old favourite from my post-GCSE days when this was the only thing I could cook.


The tried, tested and beloved omelette. With cheese and tomato no less, served on a bed of baked beans. It tasted so yum, what a classic. Thank you to my Dad for teaching me how to make these!

On another note we did our shop this evening (gripping stuff, I know) and got this box of joy and awesomeness.


Thank you Aldi. Clementine, anyone?


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