Meal Planning Monday

I’m staring at an empty screen, with no trusty little piece of paper from which to copy my plans for the week. Last week seems to have thrown me slightly. Work was pretty rubbish (I was rubbish at work being the problem), we seemed to be out nearly every evening, then the weekend was just TOO busy. Out all day Saturday at a friends house (playing a not-so-relaxing table top war game – long story), babysitting til 1:30am (in the MORNING guys, ahh), then out again early-ish Sunday for a choir rehearsal (Carols by Candlelight in a few weeks – woo!), back for lunch, out to paint at a friends house (they’re renovating), off to church to be on the kids stuff, went to see my Mum after having my fave pasta bake, then home at 830pm. Phew! All of which meant that we somehow forgot to go shopping, so the fridge is pretty darn empty.

In short, my meal planning inspiration is pretty low! It’ll be a simple one this week, made up on the spot right now.




Hmm. I would say omelette (we have many eggs), but Mr’s not too keen. Think we might do omelette for me and egg sandwich for him.


Sausages and sweet potato mash with some veg.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I am jumping off the dairy free train with gusto – bring on the milk and cheesey goodness.


Something with mince. Spag Bol? Maybs. Chilli? Possibly. Lasagne??!! SO tempted, but double whammy on the cheese sauce, might be too much.


I feel like soup. It is SOUP weather right now, so I might make some carrot soup. Yum.


Leftovers night!


We’re having some students from church over for lunch, so will have to think of something more than just sandwiches..not sure we’re up for a roast yet!

That wasn’t so bad, hopefully all will be well. Much fruit will also be eaten. And maybe just a tiny bit of cake 🙂


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