Love the Little Things #6

Another week gone. Can you believe that December is nearly here? How did that happen?! Time is a funny thing. Even though we’ve been singing songs for the Christmas production since October and I’ve been going to carol concert rehearsals for a few weeks, I still don’t even feel remotely Christmassy. I’ve been reading about different advent traditions that people have, and I’d love for us to start a few in order to not let the amazing joy of the season pass us by. We may have left it slightly late to start as soon as December hits, but we’ll see what we come up with over the weekend 🙂

So, what have I been loving this week?


I’m a little stumped for this one…I’ve not got any further with my book from last week, and I haven’t really read much else. I think I need to switch off the Big Black Box and explore the bookshelf more…


It’s not like there’s nothing to get your teeth into…


I have to say though, I am LOVING not being obliged to read. Getting rid of that burden after 4 years is definitely a relief!


Too much! I’ll go with another film trailer. I am a big Disney fan, so a real life people version of Cinderella – yes please 🙂



Some AWESOME new slipper socks from Aldi. They’re just so cosy and warm 🙂 we’ve got a few pairs as Christmas pressies too. The pompoms didn’t last long, but they are lovely.



I’m way behind with this one, but I’ve finally found Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. I LOVE this track, and I really enjoy the video. Genuinely listened to it/watched it about 10 times in the last 24 hours.

Shake it off, people 🙂


I didn’t technically ‘make’ this in that I didn’t grow the flowers and didn’t decorate the glass bottle, but I selected and arranged the flowers in a recycled ketchup bottle, so I think that counts. It’s a little thing to love and they brighten up the coffee table 🙂


I’m hoping to get started on making some Christmas presents this weekend, so this space might be a bit more inspired next week!

And lastly…

I hung out with my friends on Tuesday night and one of them made this delicious pudding…


It was so incredibly yummy, a Paul Hollywood recipe I believe. Gooey, rich, chocolatey goodness.

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!

Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of little things 🙂



3 thoughts on “Love the Little Things #6

  1. mydaysni

    I quite fancy that Cinderella film, I think I feel like I can relate to her with all the cleaning and chores all day! Your socks look super cosy, and that dessert looks delicious – that is a good friend you have there! Have a great weekend #littleloves

    1. Alice W Post author

      I know, it was amazing…my mouth’s watering just thinking about it! Hehe maybe you’ll have a fairy godmother pop out and take you to the ball…? It looks like it’ll be a really good film 🙂 hope you had a lovely weekend! Xx


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