Meal Planning Monday

It’s that time of week again 🙂 Time to think food. The cold that’s lingered for about 6 weeks has reared it’s ugly head and I now have a headache, bunged up nose and sore throat. Joyous. Meal-wise, last week was pretty on track, except we missed out soup and I had cheese and crackers for tea instead. Healthy, I know.


This week, we’ll be ploughing through some more leftovers, and I SHALL make soup. Carrot and coriander to be precise. We’re not at home at this moment in time so I can’t check the freezer, but this week should look something like this.


Tea at my in-laws.




Something freezer-licious.


Something else freezer-licious or leftover soup.


Homemade pizza.


Who knows…


Church for tea.

That’s possibly the most brief meal plan I’ve done so far, can you tell I’m not up for cooking this week?! Might have to hand over the reins to the Mr…relinquish my Kitchen Authority for the time being. Hmm we’ll see 🙂

I’m linking up with At Home With Mrs M, head on over for more meal planning love 🙂


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