Late Night Ponderings


I’m lying on the sofa, watching 24 Hours in A&E, pondering my faux pas of the day. I make many an error in day to day life, but some seem to take up more of my brain space than others. Today’s biggie happened at the school Christmas Fayre (not as exciting as it sounds, thankfully I managed to escape early!).

I was put on a stall with a lady who I’ve met and chatted to occasionally, and I know she’s a good friend of one of the teachers in my class. All she asked was “How are you finding it?” and I had one of those moments where you think, “Hmm, how honest should I be here?”. I ended up talking about my struggles with the tensions within the team. ARGH. Alice, don’t talk to a person AT work ABOUT work!

It wasn’t a bitchy session at all, just discussing the situation and how I was finding it, but I still question whether or not I should’ve said anything at all. I can’t even remember if she brought it up or if I did, or what I said exactly, but it’s just like ahh why say anything at all?

Maybe it was the fact that someone at work had actually asked me how I was doing, maybe because she’s such a friendly, open person, I don’t know. It’s been said now though, so we’ll just have to hope that itΒ stays there: a friendly, supportive chat that goes no further than the ‘Pick a Pop’ game πŸ™‚


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