Winter Skies

Winter is here, sans doute. It is FREEZING outside, the winter woolies are most definitely out, the latest heating bill was through the roof (more than triple the one from September!), and – the most telling sign in my opinion – we now leave the house before the sun rises and arrive home just as it sets. As depressing as some find this, I am loving being forced to watch the sun rise and set πŸ™‚ Here are a few snapsΒ from my most recent viewings.

First up, we have the sunset on Tuesday.


This is ‘behind’ the sunset if you like…the East (?) I suppose. I just love the pastel colours.

20141202_155653BAM. The main event.




Not bad for a camera phone, eh? Obviously the actual colours were slightly different, but they still capture the beauty of it. These next ones are the early moments of the sun rising on Wedneday…



I can’t remember which morning it was (maybe Tuesday?), but the sky was ice blue. Like ‘Elsa blue’ as I call it – the colour that all the kids choose to colour Elsa’s dress in when they draw pictures. It was beautiful.

Not so greatly captured is this final one from last night on the way home (I say night – it was only 4.40!).


A bit blurry, but I remember it was pretty enough for me to attempt to take a photo. We were driving, hence the blur. Still, what a gorgeous palate…Creation is beautiful πŸ™‚


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