Meal Planning Monday

It’s that time of week again, thankfully I’m feeling more on top of things this time round πŸ™‚ and we’ve been shopping, food is ready to be eaten…

Last week was a bit here and there, but we ate relatively healthily (if you discount the large amount of chocolate that was consumed…) and made it through the week.

This week is more exciting/organised, with a family Christmas day on Saturday, so should be a good one πŸ™‚


I’m out with my Mum (hello Meadowhall), so the Mr’s having takeaway with his friend who’s back from South Africa for Christmas.


Carbonara…it’s a recipe from a student cookbook which has pasta (obvs), parmesan, egg, cream, bacon and white wine in it. It is YUM.


Sausage pasta, as requested by the man.


Jacket potatoes with all the trimmings.


Orange crumb salmon. We tried this one a few weeks ago (just looked back, try 2 months ago!) and it was a bit hit, we’re having that one again.


It’s fake Christmas! My hubby’s family do this if they’re not together for Christmas, so we’re off to Loughborough for a day of fun times.


Carols by Candlelight! So it’ll be tea at church with mince pies πŸ™‚

I’m linking up with At Home With Mrs M, hop on over for meal planning inspiration…


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