Meal Planning Monday

NEWSFLASH NEWSFLASH! We ate EVERYTHING on our meal plan last week, and almost on the right days! Wow. Maybe something to do with having an extra mouth to feed (a friend’s staying), or we’re getting into the flow? Either way, it’s great. And we used/ate all the food, actually cleared out our meat drawer (til we went to Lidl today – sorry Aldi – and restocked), and didn’t throw anything away (apart from a mouldy clementine). Long may it continue 🙂



Lasagne, Lorraine Pascale style. We had this this evening and it was GOOD. I followed her recipe exactly (but forgot the basil leaves), with wine, sausage, pancetta and everything, and boy was it worth it!


Our house guest is cooking for us – yey for a night off 😀


Coq au vin (another Lorraine Pascale) I think…this is a new one, hopefully it’ll go ok. Lidl didn’t have any shallots or dried porcini mushrooms, although I’m not surprised about them not having the latter…I mean what even is a dried porcini mushroom?


Salmon and potato thingy..this is from my BBC Good Food Cheap Eats book which I love, another new one, and looking forward to it 🙂

Friday & Saturday

We’re away for a reunion, so being cooked amazing, delicious food for each meal – cannot wait.


Tea at my mums and decorating her Christmas tree with my sister…which reminds me, we need to put ours up still!

So there is our week. And after that, it’s on with the Christmasness – although we’ve already had one Christmas meal, then I have a Christmas lunch tomorrow at work, so I’ll be turkey-ed out before Christmas day arrives!

I’m linking in (a little late!) with At Home With Mrs M and her meal planning sharing goodness 🙂


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