Cuddles with the Piggies

20141220_212952Just look at them…SO CUTE. It was time to clean the cage today, so my hubby gave them a little cuddle whilst I did the dirty work. They seemed to be licking him, nibbling him and trying to eat his jumper. As well as watching TV.

20141220_212943I had to have a quick cuddle myself once the cage was all ready…

20141220_213143They both seemed pretty settled…although they wereΒ very happy to be back in their cage!


20141220_215553Munch munch munch. I’ve started lining their cage with newspaper, which they seem to like nibbling. My Dad assured me that ours used to eat it too and one of them lived for 7 years, so I’m sure it won’t do them any harm πŸ™‚ it’s so cute to hear them munching their carrot and scampering round the cage…safe to say we are enjoying our little visitors so far πŸ™‚


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