“I’m dreaming of a white…”

…boxing day! It may be a day late, but snow around Christmas time is kinda great.


Until you have to actually get somewhere of course. Which we did this evening…I was convinced that the bus routes would be gritted and the snow wouldn’t be half as bad a mile or so down the hill. How wrong I was.

I would have got some photos, but I was a bit too focused on us not sliding down the hill into the car in front, then wheel spinning up the hill…if it weren’t for the amazingly kind passers by pushing us up the hill, we’d have caused a serious traffic palava!

It wasn’t exactly super thick (Canadians and Scandanavians laughing at our inability to handle an inch of snow), but it still caused many a car to get stuck on the uphill slogs. Eventually we parked up after the first hill (didn’t fancy attempting anymore!) and walked the rest of the way (laden with Christmas presents – another reason for the lack of action shots)..heating and PJs on, snuggle down for the night. Sledging tomorrow, anyone?




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