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I feel the need to be more adventurous with my title for #littleloves…ah well, that’s a task for another day!

This has been a generally ok week. It seems to have flown by, and what with Thursday being a very very snowy day and us being down at a max of 21 kids (out of 30 – no complaints from me!) in the class the last 2 days, I feel a bit off kilter. Walking to school in the snow and not starting til 930 yesterday was a bit odd, then having half the class and a teacher from nursery (as our teacher was stuck in the snow) made the whole day a bit of a different one, but it was fun πŸ™‚ even the dreaded getting changed for PE wasn’t so bad!

I’ve been trying to be more positive with the kids this week as well. You know, build them up and encourage the good behaviour rather than constantly focusing on the bad behaviour and berating the kids doing it (always the same ones…). My bad habits of the last 5 months have meant that the kids know who to blame if something goes wrong – someone set the fire alarm off the other week and when the caretaker asked who it was, they all automatically said, “Keegan!” Bless him. FYI, it wasn’t him, his big blue eyes looked shocked and appalled that he’d been so readily accused. So although I mess up lots, I always try and praise before I criticise. A lesson I need to apply to my life in general I think!

So, on with the show πŸ™‚


More Lord of the Rings, I’m 49% of the way through (onto Book 4, halfway through Two Towers), so might finish by half term…!


Myself lose dramatically at bowling! I think there were only about 3 rounds where I didn’t NOT hit anything. At least 6 or 7 when I hit nothing at all.



My walking boots! Still going strong after nearly 7 years.


A cheeky little boy in my class doing his own rendition of ‘All About That Bass’. He only sang “bout dat bass, no trouble” (didn’t realise til now that it’s actually ‘treble’!), but so cute and a little bit hilarious. No video, obviously, but here’s a clip of the actual song, cos, you know. It’s pretty alright πŸ™‚


Mostly food. As ever πŸ™‚


Spanish-style Chicken Bake – thanks Hairy Bikers πŸ™‚

And lastly…

We had such a lovely Saturday last week with my hubby’s family, a nice walk, bowling and pizza hut. Love family times πŸ™‚

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A(nother) Wintry Walk

How I wish I’d happened to take the big camera today…! We set off for work at 730, in the snow snow snow. There wasn’t as much as the other week, but traffic was AWFUL. Almost a standstill, then a couple of buses and cars stuck on the uphill road, it took us a good half hour to do a journey that normally takes 5 minutes. I’m not complaining though, a couple of my colleagues had to drive for an hour and a half, and another one got stuck after at least an hour and had to abandon and walk home!


Blurry blurry.Β 

I walked from my Mr’s school (I really love walking in the snow), which was really lovely. Very quiet, deep snow, dramatic blue clouds in the distance…


Angry, angry sky.Β 


Kids weren’t in til 930, so I did a few assessments, watched the snow fall, fall, fall. Blizzard? Not quite, but it was falling thick and fast. We had a slightly depleted class, and for some reason, snow just threw us all off. I tried to get on with tasks that we knew they had to do, but it just didn’t seem to happen. After a bit of snow clearance in the playground, it was time to send them all out of the door (at normal home time – no lunchtime closure for us!) and bolt for home ourselves (which meant I forgot to empty the water, hide the iPad and set up for tomorrow…I did plug my snails into their heater though). My Mr had been sent home at 1130, so he walked to meet me and we wandered home. I really wish I’d taken more photos, it was really really beautiful once the mini-blizzard ended and the sun was shining on the city with a clear view right out to the hills.



20150129_154824We ran down an unspoiled hill of snow – it really would have been perfect snow for sledging and/or a snowball fight. We threw a bit, ran a bit, then carried on trudging home. On returning, we promptly changed into our PJs and snuggled down for the evening. An evening in front of the box with brownies, grapes and lasagne. Location location location currently on,Β nearly time to head to bed with Lord of the Rings. I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow…not likely though, it seems that I got a job in a school that closes for no weather πŸ™‚

P.s. It’s started snowing again…

Oh my darling Clementine…


We got a box of these babies around Christmas time, and boy oh boy, they were the sweetest, juiciest little bundles of orangey goodness (thanks Aldi). When we spotted a box in Lidl this week, I grabbed them straight away, adamant that I could eat my way through them (after questioning my hubby for choosingΒ a big batch of blood oranges). I had one last night – I bit tough to get into, a little bit sour…then I took one for lunch today. SO sour, I felt like I could’ve been eating a lemon!


On returning from work, I decided that I won’t be able to eat my through the box after all. To Google for inspiration! I came across this little gem of a pageΒ which has 14 suggested recipes. I wouldn’t use all of them, but white chocolate and clementine cookies? Yes please. A clementine smoothie? Maybe. I hadn’t even thought of simply squeezing them for the juice πŸ™‚ Might have to add a bit of sugar?

Cookies will be a Saturday job, we’ll see how it goes. One of my best friends is moving to London this weekend after getting a job this week, so we’re going for a snowy walk (it snowed again – joy) and hot chocolate Saturday morning. I can’t believe it’s Friday already tomorrow, where did the week go?! YEY nearly the weekend πŸ˜€