#LittleLoves 2015

2015…whaaat. Time is flying, life starts again on Monday, bye bye lie ins and mooching all day. I was almost not going to join in this week, something to do with having been in a Bad Mood for a few days and not having blogged anything at all since…erm…too long, but let’s start as we mean to go on πŸ™‚ plus, what a lovely thought to look back over the last 2 weeks and all the things that have been loved.


I completed my Bible in a year (woo!), but other than that I’m not sure that I’ve read anything completely…I have however started a couple of books. Miranda’s ‘Is It Just Me?’ and Lord of the Rings, which brings me to…


Lord of the Rings! It’s been a bit of a Tolkein-fest the last week, watching both Hobbit films at home (still not seen the third), then following that with all 3 LOTR films…makes you realise how much happens, and how great it is (in particular the LOTR, I have some grievances with the Hobbit in film form – book = fantastic). Hence me buying the books, I’m onto about chapter 3, according to my Kindle I have about 4 hours to go til I finish Book One (the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring). Bring it on.

(I’ve also watched: Shrek Forever After, Brave, Miranda, Cars, Monsters Inc, Baby Genius, Call The Midwife, Frozen, Up…to name a few)


Some of my lovely new clothes, including this cute jumper…


Please excuse me going mad with the filters – only just discovered them!

…and these new slippers!


They’re from Moshulu, who I am loving. I also got a pair of boots from their lovely little shop in Nantwich (where we spent Christmas) on Christmas Eve (love you hubby), but I haven’t braved wearing them outside yet. They’re my first pair of real boots so I want to ‘treat’ them – they came with a care booklet – love it.


A bit of revisiting the Frozen soundtrack…I got it on my phone so have been enjoying the songs πŸ™‚ this medley of some people singing along is priceless.


Hmm. Some Mary Berry chocolate traybake for a New Years party, and I’m getting started on a knitting project – my first actual thing that will be a thing, not just a random piece of something knitted. Hopefully these will soon become a beautiful, sunset/sea like blanket for a new little niece or nephew who should be making an appearance in June πŸ™‚


On that front, I’m enjoying using a circular needle. Much easier and lighter πŸ™‚

And lastly…

SNOW! We had muchos snow up north, all of which has now disappeared, and although it was a bit of a pain when driving, it was truly beautiful. We didn’t do any sledging, but here are a couple of the Mr’s gorgeous photos from a walk we went on πŸ™‚ I’m going to raid his computer tomorrow and get some more, so watch this space if you like pretty pictures of a winter wonderland!




Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of little things πŸ™‚



16 thoughts on “#LittleLoves 2015

  1. Louisa

    I love the Lotr films but haven’t seen The Battle of the Five Armies yet.
    We had lots of snow too but woke up 2 days ago and it had all vanished overnight. Very strange! #littleloves

  2. Helen

    Awe beautiful photos! Love the jumper and can’t go wrong with a bit of frozen ☺
    can’t wait to see the blanket in all its glory!

  3. Not A Frumpy Mum

    Beautiful pictures of the snow, it was gorgeous but I had to drive home in it on Boxing Day night and it was a tad bit slippy to say the least. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      It was awful wasn’t it! We drove home that night too, not fun at all. Without lovely passers by we’d have been stuck and caused a major traffic jam. Hope you had a good one too πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Alice W Post author

      Aww bless, you might get a sprinkling later in the year…? I feel bad for not even making a snowman, not even at attempt at Olaf! Next time maybe πŸ™‚ xx


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