A good ol’ evening in (or two!)


This is what my evening looked like. TV and knitting…and a bit of cooking too. But mostly TV and knitting πŸ™‚

Yesterday also involved napping, less TV and some Lord of the Rings, but generally just snuggly evenings in. First 2 days back at work have been relatively alright, and it’s been really lovely to just come home and chill.

Another thing that left me warm and fuzzy yesterday was the blogging love..I spent a good long time reading as many posts from #mealplanningmonday as I could and commenting on them. So much inspiration (really need to write things down!), it was fab. Gotta love a good linky.

Evenings in are off the table for the rest of the week, looks like my knitting progress is going to stall somewhat…! You never know though, I might make it onto colour 3 by the weekend πŸ™‚


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