What. A. Day.

What a day indeed. It was, generally, a Bad Day. Whining, whining, whining. Whinge, whinge, whinge. “Good sitting please, cross your legs, sit on your bottom”. “She said this, he hit me, I didn’t do it!”…x60. I nearly burst into tears about 5 times today. I listened to one boy cry for 10 minutes “I want to sit on my stool”, on repeat. For 10 minutes. Crying because I’d sat him on the floor because he was tipping forwards on his stool and nearly fell off and cracked his head open. He whined and cried and moaned. Whilst I was trying to teach a phonics lesson to 16 others, teaching these darling children how to read (hello pressure). It was BAD.

Tidy up time? Tidy up, what is that strange notion? You mean, when I get EVERYTHING off the shelf, I should actually put it all back?! What is this madness!

As I walked into the construction area and saw everything in the wrong place, or just left on the floor, I dropped to my knees and put my head in my hands. Then a little voice, “Mrs Wright, do you want any help?”. I still smileΒ when I think of her kindness. I’m amazed at kids’ ability to read you. Yesterday, another little girl asked me, “Are you ok, Mrs Wright?” after a(nother) stressful phonics lesson. I really wasn’t, and was genuinely touched that she noticed. They’re smarter than we give them credit for.

So after an awful day, I had 2 mini creme eggs, enjoyed chatting with the Mr on the way home, watched a bit of How I Met Your Mother, assessed some observations, then started to make cottage pie.


Hello big camera!Β Once I got it out, I figured I may as well use it…


DSC_0005There’s not much to photograph in our little flat in particular…no cute children to capture, no architectural treasures..just the mess of our lives scattered around. So that’s what I took photos of πŸ™‚


Bunting from our wedding that’s still lying around…2 and a half years later!


Our healthy lifestyle on display for you…








This little one is our bedroom doorstop. Not bad for a charity shop buy, eh?


Not allowed to put blu tack on the walls…so I attack the doors πŸ™‚


Sometimes I feel that the state of my desk reflects my state of mind…


“Empty me, please empty me!”




This is supposed to be a space for cookbooks…just noticed my yoga book sneaked it’s way in there!




We had some custard in the fridge which I wanted to eat…so I made apple crumble for that very reason. I only started eating custard a couple of years ago (fussy child), so I’m making up for all those years I lost…

Mmm it feels nice to take pictures of home sometimes. A Bad Day ended pretty well then. Praise the Lord for good food and, in particular, custard πŸ™‚



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