I can’t decide if that week flew by or plodded along…either way, it’s gone and here we are on Friday again πŸ™‚ I’ve refuelled on popcorn and wotsits [by the time I finished, add toast, angel cake and chocolate…no joke], time to look over the last week and bring to light theΒ #littleloves.


More Lord of the Rings! I’m now 21% of the way through…the Council of Elrond is just meeting. It’s so fascinating to find out all the extra bits that couldn’t fit in the film.

I’ve also been scrolling through my most recent kindle purchase…


…who knew you could get a recipe book on a kindle?! It’s not quite the same as poring over the paper copies from the cupboard, but at least I can carry it anywhere in a normal sized bag. And although I don’t particularly need to lose weight, I did put on a few pounds over Christmas and my current diet could do with a getting healthier! I definitely need to work on filling myself more when I eat so that I don’t snack so much when I get home. There are some great ideas in here, so I’m hoping to use this lots.


My nephew riding a pony…


…the sun go down whilst taking a ride on a tractor…


..and (naturally) some good old TV. I spent yesterday evening cooking whilst half watching Penelope Keith (think The Good Life) doing a documentary type thing about villages in Britain.Β Not the kind of show I’d usually watch at all, but I just love her voice, so very refined and well spoken, and the way she says things too…I love a good accent, be it Geordie or the Queen’s English!


Many many layers.Β It has been SO COLD, so it’s back on with the tights under my school trousers, as well as 2 pairs of socks, a jacket, a gilet and a cagoule, with hat and gloves too. Brr. Got my lovely purple hat out now though, it wraps my ears up nice and snuggly warm πŸ™‚


Lots of whining. Both from myself and small children! Hearing my little niece calling for me at random points whilst we were babysittingΒ was pretty special though (she may have got the wrong name, but it’s the thought that counts, even at that age).


Very little progress on the knitting front, although I’m onto colour 3 (woo). After a bad day yesterday I got my chef on last night and made cottage pie and crumble (just for me and hubby, no guests! Excessive? Maybe).



We also made many loom bands and lego creations with the little ones at the weekend – I know what to get the Mr for his birthday now πŸ˜€

And lastly…

I LOVE that it’s the weekend! Lie in tomorrow, yes please.

Linking up with But Why Mummy Why, sharing the love of the little things πŸ™‚



10 thoughts on “#LittleLoves

  1. anotherbun1

    Aww, your nephew on the pony is so sweet – I hope he had a lovely time. I still remember my first pony rides!

    1. Alice W Post author

      I know, I realise that there’ll be a time when lie ins are a thing of the past! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend nonetheless πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Helen

    Mmmm that cottage pie and crumble look delicious!! I would eat that crumble just by myself haha! Hope you get your lie in tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. Vikki Holness

    Cottage Pie and Crumble sounds like my kind of tea…..delicious! Your nephew looks super cute on the pony, we’ve been trying to get Riley on my mum’s horse but he’s having none of it! xxx #littleloves

    1. Alice W Post author

      Aww bless…the older one wasn’t having any of it…he preferred playing on the little John Deere tractors! Thanks, it was a pretty good combo after a rough day πŸ™‚ hope you’re having a great week! Xx


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