To-do lists from time gone by

I was deleting photos on my phone to allow for more app-installing-space (I wanted a shopping list one, born out of a desire to tick of items on my shopping list when shopping but not wanting to carry round a pen), and as I was flicking through the screenshots, I found a couple of my to-do lists from back in April when I was writing my dissertation. Mostly dull stuff, with the odd chuckle-worthy task thrown in…

Screenshot_2014-04-22-09-53-31Yes, playing Fruit Ninja made it onto my to do list. I remember reading somewhere that it’s good to put everything on a to-do list, even things that you want to do (FYI, I’m not convinced that blog post ever got written!).

Screenshot_2014-04-22-22-26-20DO NOT. No matter HOW great it is. Even though I could now, I’m holding off til next year when I can watch both Mockingjay ones together, otherwise it might drive me a bit arrrggghhh that I can’t see the end…even though I know what happens. I’m odd, I know.

I love a good to-do list, I even bought a pretty pad that I could write them on. Ticking all the things off said to-do list is not my strong point, however. Today, I still need to dust, hoover, clean the bathroom and kitchen, put new sheets on the bed, tidy my desk, make a shopping list, go shopping, make tea (hello onion soup), knit…in my defence I could only have started these jobs an hour and a half ago, but there’s no time like the present, so off I go…


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