Visiting an Old Friend

As I compiled my shopping list this week, I realised that, unfortunately, Aldi and Lidl just might not deliver…


All the jazzy bits of a chow mein are a bit special. Rice wine vinegar? Who even knew there was such a thing. Obviously people who love making Chinese food, but I’m a novice! So, it was off to somewhere with a bit more of a diverse selection…Tesco!


Seriously, so many mushrooms. As much as I love meine Lielingsdeutschesupermarkten (apologies for my bad German), it was lovely just to wander around (so much space!) and enjoy the variety (no bamboo shoots though…don’t think I’ve ever seen any of those anywhere!).


So, we’re all kitted out for the week ahead, but it’ll be back to Aldi or Lidl next week, much kinder on the bank account 🙂 one bottle of rice wine vinegar should last us a good few meals!


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