Soupe à l’oignon

Oui oui, soupe à l’oignon indeed. I’d seen this on someone’s meal plan and it took my fancy…not sure why as I’m not an onion person AT ALL, but I was determined. So, after a little breakfast treat (pancakes!), it was on with the onion show.

The recipe I was following was this one from BBC Good Food, and it’s pretty simple with easy ingredients. Chopping a kilo of onions wasn’t exactly a highlight, on reflection I think I’d buy pre-chopped, frozen ones (saw a Sainsburys advert with them in today) to save time (and tears!).


That’s a lot of onions…

As I said, it was basically let them soften, add sugar, let them caramelise (I don’t think I left them long enough – be patient is definitely a good approach with regard to onions I feel), add garlic and flour, mix, add wine then stock. Let it simmer. A point about the stock: use a good few stock cubes! I only had 1 left for 1.3l of liquid, so I used marmite to try and give it more flavour..I’m not convinced this worked though!

DSC_0026Voilà! The recipe didn’t say to purée the soup, but I couldn’t quite face all those onions still in tact, so I blitzed it. Not totally, but enough I think. Traditionally (or according to both recipes I looked at, including Delia), I think you toast bread, put it in the soup, cover it with cheese then put it under the grill. We didn’t do this, but I’m sure that’d be awesome.

So there you go. It was…ok, I don’t think I’d personally make it again, but the Mr enjoyed it (despite the onions making him sneeze for the past couple of hours). I think I’ll leave it to him to finish the pan…!


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